BIM Implementation

Putting the “I” into your BIM Documentation

nathan hildebrandtMay 24 2014

This is my second Guest Blog post over on Shoegnome from February this year

In my last post I talked about using Building Materials to check the level of development and resolution in your model. This post will continue to look at another concept that forms part of Fulton Trotter Architects ArchiCAD 17 template that can be adapted and used in your practice.

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Auditing your Model using Building Materials and Surfaces

nathan hildebrandtMay 23 2014

This is a copy of my first Guest Blog post over on Shoegnome from January this year.

The introduction of Building Materials in ArchiCAD 17 is a significant shift forward in providing opportunities for building on the “Information” component of BIM. If you use Building Materials well you will find that due to the number of embedded attributes they can act as favourites for you.

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