IFC Fundamentals - Getting it Right out of ARCHICAD

nathan hildebrandtJul 14 2017

After hearing numerous complaints across industry on the quality of IFC files that they are recieving from ARCHICAD Users I decided to present on the topic at the recent BILT ANZ 2017 Conference. The resulting handout is a document that I have now edited handout from my presentation that I hope will be of benefit to ARCHICAD Users and people that Collaborate with ARCHICAD Users that have issues with the files that they recieve. 

Have you ever exported an IFC file and someone say it was garbage? 

Have you received an IFC file from an ARCHICAD User and it was garbage? 

In this user guide I will share with you the main issues that typically occur when IFC files are saved from ARCHICAD and how to send / receive high quality files.


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