Tim Mumford

About Tim Mumford

- A highly driven and personable executive engineering professional with significant leadership experience in a range of private and public sectors: government infrastructure, mining, oil / gas, refining, and public and private infrastructure.

- Highly successful implementation of a technology policy within government – responsible for the strategic direction, implementation of the Victorian Digital Asset Strategy (VDAS), which successfully drove the implementation of Building Information Modelling (BIM) across the state.

- Responsible for the strategic direction, implementation and promotion of key Victorian Government initiatives: diversity of the engineering profession, future cities, standards rationalisation, engineering standards reform, and other strategic projects.

- Strong awareness and proven aptitude in understanding corporate risk of organisations, including capital projects and operations.

- Committed and driven to strategic planning (business, operations, resource, and budget) and continuous improvement.

- Demonstrated ability to liaise with various stakeholders; including private industry, public servants, clients, unions, peers, contracted staff and other professionals / non-professionals, to the benefit of an organisation.

- Committed to continuous organisational, self, and professional continuous improvement through lessons learned exercises, post-graduate education, as well as mentoring.

Podcasts and guest appearances

EPISODE 17: The Victorian Digital Asset Strategy with Tim Mumford
Episode 17, Oct 02 2019

The Victorian Digital Asset Strategy with Tim Mumford

In this episode, we talk with Tim Mumford who is Head of Innovation and Digital within the Office of Projects...

listen here

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