S20 BIM TEMPLATE FOR ARCHICAD 20 English Metric Template

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S20 BIM Template for ARCHICAD 20 - The Template by Users, for Users

With over 1,000 hours of research and development the Skewed S20 BIM Template for ARCHICAD 20 is arguably the most powerful, publicly available, BIM focused Template for ARCHIAD 20 on the market.

The second template released by Skewed, this template has been created to give ARCHICAD users that don’t have a full time BIM Management resource the opportunity to get more out of ARCHICAD than ever before.



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The S20 BIM Template for ARCHICAD 20 is driven by intelligent BIM data aimed at providing multiple automated outputs based on decisions each user makes when building their ARCHICAD Model. Choosing from an extensive list of intelligent attributes, data is derived directly from the model and will populate automated schedules, legends and annotation suitable for both internal and external coordination purposes.

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The team at Skewed sees ARCHICAD as a high performance vehicle and therefore driver instruction is paramount. The S20 BIM Template draws upon years of on-road experience at the highest level and includes a detailed user guide and data structure to follow as you commence your BIM journey.

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The S20 BIM Template for ARCHICAD 20 allows users to rapidly achieve their desired outputs for documentation and visualization with the inclusion of Favorites pre-populated with correct IFC data plus predefined views and filters with correct layer and pen assignments. Interactive Schedules and smart labels provide a fast, streamlined workflow to achieve automated annotation and legends.

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The S20 BIM Template for ARCHICAD 20 pushes the out of the box library to it’s full potential with an extensive list of Favorites customized to suit local Windows, Doors and objects. The S20 Library provides additional advanced tools and content including the Skewed IFC Label that combines the power of IFC Mapping with the flexibility of an editable custom text field, Advanced Surfaces optimized for use with Cinerender engine, and also a unique Excel Transmittal system that reads the ARCHICAD issue data.




The S20 User Guide is a Comprehensive document that is broken into 10 Key Sections. The User Guide contains detailed explanations and workflows to get the most out of the S20 BIM Template for ARCHICAD 20.

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Key to the BIM integration in the S20 BIM Template for ARCHICAD 20 is the extensive list of pre-set Building Materials enabling Users to deliver projects at LOD100, LOD200 & LOD300 to meet the documentation requirements of your practice and/or clients.



Labels allow Users to extract data directly from the ARCHICAD model to achieve fully coordinated annotation. The Skewed IFC Label combines the power of integrated, live model data with the flexibility of a manual text box. This feature provides greater flexibility for users to include multiple pieces of IFC data with additional manual text editing capabilities.

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The S20 BIM Template for ARCHICAD 20 brings an end to the majority of manual based drawing legends with drawing specific Interactive Schedules extracting information directly from the model for a variety of purposes.



The S20 BIM Template for ARCHICAD 20 further enhances the power of ARCHICAD’s Revision Management feature with a clearly defined step by step guide and the inclusion of a unique Excel Transmittal System that is in part automated by  the Issue data in ARCHICAD.

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The S20 BIM Template for ARCHICAD 20 not only focuses on intelligent data and automated documentation but also advanced visualization with the inclusion of relevant Advanced Surfaces optimized for use with Cinerender engine.



The BIMx Pro Info Feature has been incorporated into the S20 BIM Template for ARCHICAD 20 with custom IFC data mapping to provide relevant and element specific data for reference in the BIMx Model as required.

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To increase the value of data within the S20 BIM Template for ARCHICAD 20 the suggested workflows revolve around using Favourites. Favourites hold pre-saved data, effectively reducing errors and time spent by Users needing to manually populate additional data. Favourites have also been customized to suit local Windows, Doors and objects.


S#19 Client Testimonial

Michael Scheltema - Design Drafting Manager | Transpire Constructions

"The Skewed template is a fast way for your practice or department to start using Archicad to it’s potential. It can be adapted to any workflow and teaches you best practice as you work. If you are a BIM manager or a user in a stand-alone role, the Skewed template can help you to progress to IFC data extraction, standard layers and detailed auditing quickly. I have implemented it in our Building Design department and we are documenting small to medium residential projects. We can now transition our construction company into an industry competitive player that embraces BuildingSMART."


The Skewed S20 BIM Template for ARCHICAD 20 is no longer available to purchase. Thanks for those that supported the template I hope you got a lot from it.