Lachlan Green

Lachlan Green

Architect, Fulton Trotter Architects

Lachlan Green is a registered Architect at Fulton Trotter Architects. Starting in a small home office practice using 2D workflows he quickly realised the advantages of a BIM platform. Determined to achieve faster, easier and more accurate workflows, Lachlan began self-training in ARCHICAD. Step by step, each project was pushed further than the last, to the point that all documentation was created in ARCHICAD with live sections, elevations and interactive door & window schedules. Seeking ways to further improve results Lachlan turned to GDL, the native programming language within ArchiCAD used to create parametric objects.

In 2012, Lachlan joined Fulton Trotter Architects and under the leadership of Nathan Hildebrant, helped to dramatically overhaul documentation workflows leading to increased accuracy and efficiency. Most recently he was tasked with creating the offices' template for ARCHICAD 23 with a focus on improving embedded data in favourites and how it exports in IFC.

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