It is with great excitement that we can now announce the speaker list for the Inaugural ARCHICON – ArchiCAD User Conference | Brisbane, Australia on the 22nd May, 2015.

The speakers have been selected based on their skills in a variety of different fields and techniques that we believe most ArchiCAD users currently aren’t embracing. The theme of the event is to "Aspire and Implement Tomorrow," with topics covering World Leading OPENBIM Processes through to day to day issues that ArchiCAD users face.

Our First International Guest is Rob Jackson |Associate Director and BIM Manager at Bond Bryan Architects in the UK. Rob brings to the table 10 years experience as a Project Architect and the last 3 years as a BIM Manager. He presented at Graphisoft’s KCC 2012 in Budapest and spends a fair amount of time presenting at conferences around the world. He has been charged with the implementation of BIM processes that meet Level 2 BIM requirements set by the UK Government, which must be achieved, from January 2016. His investigation work in IFC workflows for the delivery of COBie and interoperability testing between software vendors is inspirational. Rob brings to the conference an Aspiring presentation where ArchiCAD users can see the path that has been taken to achieve Government BIM deliverables. It will give Directors and BIM Managers an insight in the journey that their businesses need to take in the near future as the Government and building owners move closer to having BIM deliverables.

Our Second International Guest is Jared Banks or better known as "Shoegnome" from Seattle in the US. Jared an Architect and Blogger has one of the biggest global ArchiCAD User followings. He spends a significant amount of his time contributing to the education and sharing of knowledge in ArchiCAD processes. With over 600 blog posts to his name on Shoegnome and BIM Engine (Graphisoft US) he is one of the most respected names in ArchiCAD. Jared’s main experience using ArchiCAD is in residential and small scale Architecture. His presentation will cover techniques that users can take away and use tomorrow, focusing on "Beauty" in the output.

Providing us insight from a business owners perspective, Cameron Martin | Director at MBMO from Sydney, Australia has been using ArchiCAD for many years. As a practice they have truly embraced modeling and the use of 3D documents as part of their documentation packages.

Colin Dibb | VDC Services Director at Webber Australia from Perth, Australia has a very diverse BIM knowledge not only excelling in use of ArchiCAD he is seen as an expert and VICO and SOLIBRI BIM software platforms also. His use of BIMX Docs is unique and world leading it is creating waves with Contractors.

One of ArchiCAD’s most analytical users Michael Herse | Associate at Wilson Architects in Brisbane, Australia comes to the event as the world’s best bug hunter in Beta Testing. He was a joint presenter at Graphisoft’s IPC 2009 in Berlin and is recognized as one of the world’s top users. Michael’s carefree approach produces workflows that make sense and remove the drudgery from the process.

A quiet achiever Matthew Johnson | Associate Director at POWE Architects in Brisbane, Australia has worked hard in developing OPENBIM workflows with his Consultant Team. He is attributed as a contributor to Exactal’s CostX Digital Drawing File Optimization Document, which advises Architects how to provide information to Quantity Surveyors for Estimating Purposes.

A GDL wizard, Lachlan Green | Graduate of Architecture at Fulton Trotter Architects in Brisbane Australia is the smarts behind the label objects that make Fulton Trotter Architects ArchiCAD Template world leading. A modest young achiever, will share some tips on how to get started in GDL scripting to get more from ArchiCAD.

To round out the event, ARCHICON’s Event Organiser Nathan Hildebrandt | Associate | BIM Manager at Fulton Trotter Architects in Brisbane, Australia is regarded as world leading from his development of Fulton Trotter Architects BIM Processes and workflows. He presented at Graphisoft’s KCC 2014 in Budapest and was voted best workshop. He will share concepts in strategic implementation in OPENBIM processes.

Our Final Presenter will be advised shortly once finalized.

The Inaugural ARCHICON event is shaping up to be a memorable one with world leading presenters lined up to share their experiences. The Event Program and Early Bird Tickets will go on sale in the next fortnight, make sure you secure your ticket early as tickets will be limited.

We must thank the generosity of our Sponsors without them the event would be significantly more expensive for our delegates. Thanks to our Gold SponsorsUNION SQUARE and ARCO ARCHITECTURAL SYSTEMS, our Silver Sponsor DULUX and Bronze Sponsor IMAGINE IF MEDIA.

We still have a few sponsorship slots available if you are interesting in collaborating with us for this exciting event please contact Nathan Hildebrandt


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