ARCHINTENSIVE 2022 Call for Abstracts

ARCHINTENSIVE 2022 - Seeking speaker abstracts

Following on from our successful previous events in 2021, 2020, 2016 & 2015 we thought we would open up...

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ARCHICAD, software, technology

Nathan's Archicad 25 review and top features

Last week Graphisoft announced the launch of Archicad 25. This year it has been a soft launch of the update...

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Singing from the same hymn sheet: NBS Chorus with Archicad

One of the biggest challenges Architects face is the coordination of information. In a model-based...

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How BIM Track helps architects focus on delivering award-winning designs

Find out how incorporating BIM Track into your workflow extends Archicad's capacities to include...

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ARCHICAD, software, technology

Visualisation and VR made easy for Archicad users through Enscape

Communicating your design as an Architect is one of the most important parts of your role. If you cannot...

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Tips and Tricks: Adding Classification Systems to your Archicad Project
ARCHICAD, training

Adding a Classification System to your Archicad Project

In this short video, I will demonstrate how you add a Classification System to your Archicad Project. In this...

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ARCHICAD, BIM Implementation, software

Going Shopping and Classification Systems

When people transition in their BIM journey from geometry co-ordination to also include valuable information...

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ARCHICAD, BIM Implementation, software

Nathan's top features in Archicad 24

Last week we saw the announcement of Archicad 24 from GRAPHISOFT in their Building Together event. For those...

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ARCHICAD, events

Event announcement - ARCHINTENSIVE for ARCHICAD users

I am excited to announce the launch of ARCHINTENSIVE for ARCHICAD Users Conference. It is the first...

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ARCHICAD, Business, BIM Implementation

Fulton Trotter Architects - Graphisoft KCC Interview 2018

Graphisoft spoke with Paul Trotter and Nathan Hildebrandt, both Directors at Fulton Trotter Architects, at...

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IFC Fundamentals - Getting it Right out of ARCHICAD

After hearing numerous complaints across industry on the quality of IFC files that they are recieving from...

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ARCHICAD, BIM Implementation

Skewed S21 BIM Template for ARCHICAD 21

A number of years ago I realised that the standard of commercially available Templates for ARCHICAD were of...

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ARCHICAD to VR in a few simple clicks
ARCHICAD, BIM Implementation, software

ARCHICAD to VR in a few simple clicks...

Like all technology fanatics out there I pre-ordered the Oculus Rift and took delivery in July this year....

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ARCHICAD, BIM Implementation, training

ARCHICAD Attributes the foundations of your BIM Processes

Everything we do in ARCHICAD relies on Attributes. Some elements rely on only one or two and others rely on...

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IFC in Plan

IFC in Plan - OPEN BIM workflows

OPENBIM collaboration and the use of IFC2x3 (format currently supported by ARCHICAD 19) files requires a...

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