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NBS continues their support from 2020 as The Digital Transition's exclusive sponsor for 2021.

Support our podcast sponsor and head to their website to learn more about their services and how they can assist your business in your digital transition.

NBS is a global leading technology platform that combines the best content and connectivity for anyone involved in the design, supply, and construction of the built environment.

NBS Chorus is Australia’s leading construction specification software. A flexible, responsive specification platform that allows you to design and specify in parallel. Keep your drawings and specification in sync via the integrated functionality with the building model. Reduce risk with revisions by capturing a detailed author history. To learn more head over to the NBS website.

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Episode 2 QLD Government BIM Principles
Episode 2, Mar 05 2019

QLD Government BIM Principles

Joining me on this podcast is Andrew Curthoys. Andrew is a Director Engagement and Taskforce, Economic and...

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Episode 3 - An Introduction to The Digital Transition
Episode 1, Mar 05 2019

An Introduction to The Digital Transition

In this episode we introduce the podcast series, The Digital Transition and learn about the host Nathan...

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